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Tie-In Cord - 400 yd roll

Tie-In Cord - 400 yd roll | Hemp & Wax
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Tie-In Cord - 400 yd roll | Hemp & Wax

Tie-In Cord - 400 yd roll
Price: $29.00

Tie-in Cord is a strong waxed nylon cord. It is used for tying in stocks on bagpipes. You can purchase Ty-in cord as a kit used for tying in one set of pipes. As well, you can buy it in a roll to tye-in multiple sets of pipes.

The Tie-in Cord kit comes with 30 yards of strong waxed nylon tie-in cord, instructions, and 2 bits of leather for making welts for your chanter stock. There is enough cord here to tie in one pipe bag with all 5 stocks.

The Roll of Tye-in cord has 400 yards of cord, this can tie in about 17 sets of pipes.