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Fred Morrison Reelpipes

Wee Hoose of Supplies, LLC - Reelpipes - Fred Morrison
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Wee Hoose of Supplies, LLC - Reelpipes - Fred Morrison

Fred Morrison Reelpipes
Price: $2,000.00

In recent years, there has been something of a Reelpipe revolution. Many Highland pipers have already discovered the benefits of adding Reelpipes to their instrumental repertoire.
In the key of A(440 and with a softer, somewhat sweeter tone than the Highland pipes, Reelpipes can be played to great effect with other instruments. For Highland pipers, the transition is quite straight-forward; the fingering is the same and the bellows action is relatively simple to master.
Each set is fitted with a drone switch as standard a great asset to any player, both professional and beginner. The learner can simply turn off the drones, allowing the player to concentrate on learning to use the bellows with the chanter on its own. For the more accomplished player, the drone switch can be used to great effect when performing to, for example, bring the drones in with another instrument.